Chitral: 5 tours found

Created with Sketch. Chitral

Shandur Polo Festival

0 Reviews
Shandur polo festival is an amazing festival celebrated by the tribes of ...

Created with Sketch. Kalash Valley, Chitral

Uchal Festival Tour

0 Reviews
Uchal Kalash Festival is one of the top cultural festivals of Pakistan. ...

Created with Sketch. Tirich Mir Chitral

Tirich Mir Base Camp Trek

0 Reviews
Tirich Mir glacier trek right into the very center of the high ...

Created with Sketch. Kalash, Chitral

Chilam Joshi Festival

0 Reviews
Chilam Joshi is also known as Kalash spring festival. Chilam Joshi festival ...

Created with Sketch. Gilgit Baltistan

Ibex Trophy Hunting

0 Reviews
The Himalayan Ibex can be separated from the alpine population by the ...

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