A combination of our established Gondogoro La, K2 and Snow Lake treks, this 5-week expedition must rank as the ultimate Karakoram challenge which starts from the south-east at Hushe and ends in Nagar/Hunza to the north-west. Starting out from the Hushe Valley, we cross the Gondogoro pass (5,850m) into Concordia, where we allow time to visit K2 Base camp before set ting off down the Baltoro Glacier to the snout of the Biafo Glacier. From where we follow the excellent Snow Lake route over the Hispar La (5151 M) into Nagar/Hunza. This is a sustained and strenuous high level adventure in a remote location, with more of the feeling and logistics of an expedition than a trek. The trek is tough though but the reward is greater.
  • Day 01 Arrival at Islamabad

    Day 02 Islamabad to Skardu (by air if weather permits, otherwise by road)

    Day 03 Skardu to Hushe (on jeeps)

    Day 04 Hushe to Saitcho

    Day 05 Saitcho to Dulsung Pa
    Day 06 Dulsung Pa to Gondogoro BC
    Day 07 Rest day at Gondogoro BC for acclimatization
    Day 08 Gondogoro BC to Gondogoro La High Camp
    Day 09 Cross Gondogoro La and descend to Ali Camp (Vigne glacier)
    Day 10 Ali Camp to Concordia
    Day 11 Rest day at Concordia to explore the Throne Room Of Mountain Gods
    Day 12 Concordia to Goro
    Day 13 Goro to Urdukas
    Day 14 Urdukas to Paiju
    Day 15 Paiju to Karofong
    Day 16 Karofong to Namla (start of the Biafo glacier)
    Day 17 Namla to Mango
    Day 18 Mango to Baintha
    Day 19 Rest day at Baintha
    Day 20 Baintha to Napina
    Day 21 Napina to Karfogoro
    Day 22 Karfogoro to Sim Gang (Snow Lake)
    Day 23 Sim Gang to Hispar La
    Day 24 Hispar La to Jutmal
    Day 25 Rest day at Jutmal
    Day 26 Jutmal to Bitenmal
    Day 27 Bitenmal to Falalingkish
    Day 28 Falalingkish to Hispar village
    Day 29 Hispar village to Karimabad, Hunza
    Day 30 Rest day in Karimabad to explore Hunza
    Day 31 Karimabad to Gilgit
    Day 32 Gilgit to Islamabad
    Day 33 Departure to home

    Trek Information

    • Duration : 33 Days
    • Age : 15+
    • Location : Karakoram
    • Maximum Altitude : 5,850 meters
    • Camp Nights : 26
    • Hotel Nights : 6
    • Best Season : June - August
    • Trek Status : Strenuous

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